ktOT provides Occupational Therapy to individuals of all ages in the home, community, or remotely via web platforms.   Services emphasize a holistic approach and family participation is encouraged to develop communication, build positive connections, and improve treatment outcomes.  

Assessment and Treatment


Occupational Therapy at ktOT begins with an evaluation, where the therapist collects information on your history, health status, and any activities that are currently limited. The evaluation may include formal and informal testing and observations of you doing every day tasks. The OT also may want to talk to other involved people (with permission) such as family members, teachers, or other health professionals.  

Once the evaluation is completed, The OT uses this information to work with you to create your plan of care . The plan will outline areas that will be targeted during treatment, specific goals to improve these areas, as well as the techniques and your OT will use to enable you to achieve your goals.


Treatment will consist of a combination physical, emotional, and/or cognitive interventions to help you achieve your goals.  As a team, you will determine the frequency, duration, and location of services. At ktOT you have the unique opportunity to choose where want to receive services, whether it be in the community, in the comfort and privacy of your home, or remotely via an online platform. 

ktOT encourages a team approach and welcomes family members, caregivers, or other important people in the client's life to take an active role in treatment.  The OT will provide education and consultation to caregivers so that they understand the client's condition and best ways to support.  She will also provide tips and tools to prevent caregiver burnout  so that both clients and those who care for them remain in optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. Finally, the OT will work with the team to improve communication and have positive, activity-based interactions within the group.  Doing so can allow for increased trust, fosters healthy connections, and increases the likelihood the client will reach treatment goals.    

ktOT accepts insurance including Medi-Cal and Medi-Care. 

Skills Addressed

ktOT can help clients build (or regain) fundamental skills to reach treatment goals and improve performance in everyday activities and occupations.  Skills include:

Self-care and independent living skills|Fine, gross, and visual motor skills|Strength and range of motion|Endurance, balance, and coordination|Attention, memory, and executive functioning| Motor planning and sequencing| Social skills| Vocational skills and community integration| Self-awareness and self-esteem|Sensory and emotional regulation|Positive coping skills |Adaptive equipment and technology|

Lifestyle Transformation 

Lifestyle Transformation is based on Lifestyle Redesign®, an innovative intervention approach developed at University of Southern California that has been shown to improve health and wellness by preventing and managing chronic conditions through building habits and routines.  Originally created for the senior population, it has since been expanded to include other populations of every age with ongoing conditions such as obesity (weight management), diabetes, and mental health issues. In fact, ktOT specializes in Lifestyle Transformation for individuals with mental health conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorders, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and post stress trauma disorder (PTSD). 

The Lifestyle Transformation process is similar to talk therapy in that it involves two people discussing ideas and issues, but it is different in that the person who is being treated is in the driver’s seat, creating their goals as well as the strategies on how to arrive at these goals with the expert guidance of the therapist.  

Lifestyle Transformation aims to help the client create healthy habits and routines in the home, work or school, and in the community. Some topics addressed may include dealing with stress, symptom management, creating a structured daily routine, nutrition and exercise, and establishing a positive support network. 

ktOT can help you:

ktOT accepts Medi-Cal and Medi-Care.  We also help clients  obtain reimbursement from other insurance companies. ktOT aims to serve everyone in need of OT, regardless of income and financial challenges!