Check out below for more information on occupational therapy and related topics and to access some ktOT's community partners!

Community Partners

California Central Alliance for Health : The Alliance provides healthcare to lower income residents in California.

Front Street, Inc. : A behavioral health agency that provides residential services and person-centered mental health treatment that promote recovery and wellness.

Harbor Health Center : Harbor Health Center Specializes in regenerative medicine. Using injection techniques, hands on manipulation, physiotherapy, and wellness coaching to utilize the body's inherent ability to heal and strengthen tissues throughout the body.

Seabright Speech Therapy : Speech-language pathologists dedicated to providing the highest level of individualized speech, language, and social communication services to children in need.

Speech Therapy Ca: A Speech-langue pathologist from Shayna Labadie, SLP-CCC, who offers in-home and virtual sessions for clients of all ages for speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing

Deborah Bell AAC Specialist : A Speech-language pathologist who specializes in AAC (augmentative/alternative communication) in the Monterey Bay, Salinas, and Santa Cruz areas

Toadal Fitness Center : The foremost family owned and operated fitness Center in Santa Cruz. Training sessions or classes with Christa Berry are especially recommended!